Home Beekeeping

Initial consultation:

We start the process with an initial consultation, where we cover your needs and specific interests, hive location, and pricing. There is a $100 consult fee, which will be refunded to you if a year-long service agreement is pursued.


Hive Installation:

Once you decide you’re ready for your bees, we arrange for the installation. The basic hive configuration is $500/hive, including bees. One-off coaching sessions can be scheduled at the rate of $100 per hour.


Beehive Maintenance & Coaching:

After installation, take the stress out of beekeeping by having an expert beekeeper care for your hive. Our basic beekeeping maintenance agreement entails:

  • $1,300 per year, which includes one complete hive (as described above).

  • Hive management activities averaging one hour per month across the year.

  • Honey: You are guaranteed at least two pints of honey (=3lbs) per hive per season.

    • Extracting your own honey: Our beekeeper will pull capped frames of honey, and will have them wrapped and ready for your own extraction and bottling. A well managed hive can average 40lbs of honey!

    • Additional honey extraction: we can process the frames and provide the honey to you at a cost of $20 per gallon (approximately 12lbs).

If you are interested in honing your own beekeeping skills, working side-by-side with an expert, you may be interested in our coaching program:

  • Starts at $100/visit, with a typical “visit” lasting approximately one hour, depending upon the needs of the bees and the beekeeper.

  • Learn techniques such as hive inspections, monitoring of and treatment for various pests and diseases that afflict bees, honey harvesting, and more specialized seasonal hive management needs.

  • Beekeeping tasks are performed at a teaching pace so the client can learn working shoulder to shoulder with an experienced beekeeper during individual visits.

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