For your Home... 


The process starts with a consultation. Our garden expert meets with you at your home to discuss your goals, past gardening experience, and vision for your future garden. We collect all the information we need to create the proposal and estimate for your garden. 


If requested, we can create a drawn-to-scale graphic to help you visualize your proposal.  All of our gardens incorporate herbs, companion plants, nutrient cycling, and best practice for optimizing harvest. We are happy to collaborate with your Landscape Architect. 


After you agree to our garden estimate, our team of experience garden builders will make your design a reality. All our installations come with our custom organic soil mix and a planting of organic vegetable transplants and seeds from our greenhouse. 


Because every space is unique, prices vary widely depending on the garden size, materials & labor needs. We will always share a line by line Estimate of any garden work Proposals for you to review.  100% of Consultation fees and 50% of Design costs are credited towards installation work.

Have a particular price point in mind?  Let us know and we will be happy to work with you to adjust the Estimate accordingly in order to balance budget, vision and what is ecologically achievable.


Our Raised bed Lumber

Love & Carrots is proud to offer the finest lumber for our custom built raised bed planters. Our customers can choose from high quality cedar or high quality hardwood processed by Seneca Creek Joinery.

More about Seneca Creek Joinery:

200,000,000 board feet of lumber from within the Beltway alone goes to waste each year; Love & Carrots is thrilled to able to reduce this waste by utilizing quality hardwood "rediscovered lumber" to create organic gardens. 

As part of their Urban Wood Recovery Program with the US Forest Service, SCJ reclaims quality timber from trees felled by trimming, construction, weather, or disease -- salvaging what would otherwise would be discarded, chipped, or burned. In line with our model of promoting environmental sustainability, Love & Carrots has partnered with Seneca Creek Joinery to turn quality hardwoods bound for the chipper into bountiful productive gardens. 

Rediscovered Cedar

Rediscovered Cedar

Rediscovered Poplar

Rediscovered Poplar

Garden Care & Coaching

Bi-weekly Garden Care Experience a garden growing to it's full potential. We can take care of everything from seed to salad plate. You provide your wish list of crops and we take care of the rest. We'll even harvest for you.

Garden Coaching Want to grow like a pro? With our Coaching Program we incorporate experiential learning alongside Garden Care.  With Garden Coaching, you’ll work shoulder to shoulder with one of our Urban Farmers to learn the intricacies and skills needed to optimize your own urban banquet!  For first time gardeners and and novices, this is a great place to start!

Businesses & Organizations

From production farms, to school programming, we are your one-stop shop to showcase your commitment to Urban Agriculture and sustainability.

display gardens

Display gardens are the perfect way to state your commitment to local food and sustainability while creating a lush and inviting storefront that matches your style.

Production gardens

Source your vegetables hyper-locally by creating a production garden. We have extensive experience building production farms and working with chefs to tailor crop lists that optimize production value.

community gardens

From construction, to management and programming; we can help you get it right the first time and make a lasting impact. We design, build and manage community gardens that will foster long term pride, togetherness, and healthy living. We have helped revitalize a diverse mix of urban communities from US Military Bases and high-end condominiums to affordable housing complexes and churches.

Atlantic Plumbing, Rooftop Community Garden, 8th & Vst, NW DC

Atlantic Plumbing, Rooftop Community Garden, 8th & Vst, NW DC