Beautiful & Productive Urban Farms

Since 2011, Love & Carrots has helped bring to life over 450 organic gardens for individuals, families, businesses and organizations in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.


Every successful garden starts with a well thought-out plan that meets important personal goals and compliments the site's environmental characteristics.


We'll transform your under-used space into an extension of your home or business. One that is beautifully composed, productive, and kind to your surrounding ecosystem.

Maintenance & Coaching

Grow like a pro. Get the most out of your garden by growing with a Love & Carrots Urban Farmer. Varied levels of service help meet your needs and skill level. 


As of 2015, less than 1% of the DC’s total area is being used to grow food. Every garden we plant is a small step toward raising that statistic, reducing our carbon footprint, and positively impacting the District as a whole.

Our Mission

We raise awareness about sustainability and biodiversity, while simultaneously addressing nutritional education, promoting physical activity and increasing access to nutritious food, making urban environments more conducive to healthy living.

Our Gardens

Explore some of recent residential and commercial gardens.

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