I’m healthier than I’ve ever been... plus it also affected my nieces and nephews when they [are at my home]. GRATEFUL. You are changing lives!!! Now, when I feel the slightest bit of concern on my immune system...I just take your veggies...my veggies...and throw them in the blender and DRINK them...no joke.
— S. K. (Washington, DC)
I have been meaning to reach out to you all and let you know how happy we are with our garden! It is growing so well, we suspect you slipped some super powers into the soil. Seriously, we have tomatoes and cucumbers growing up and over the enclosure!

We could not be happier, and will probably be having you back to build another bed or two...

Thanks, know that the garden brings us so much joy!
(and our dogs who love it out there and have learned the word ‘garden’!)
— S. B. (Silver Spring, MD)
OMG I love love love love love my new balcony garden! The bamboo tree is perfect, the trellis is my favorite part, and the guys (Gavin and Danny) did a GREAT job. I’ve already told them to go ahead and put in an order for a fig tree to complete the look. I could not be any happier. Worth every penny. Thank you so much!
— A.B. (Arlington, VA)
Love & Carrots is amazing! Meredith came to our house last fall with her sun tracker to help us decide where in the yard to place the garden. Since then, I’ve worked mostly with Farmer Natalie and learned more about gardening than I knew was possible. She has helped me plant and harvest a bounty of delicious fruit and vegetables. Some mornings I feel like the Garden Fairy has visited overnight because I wake to a boatload of eggplant or tomatoes or bush beans or sweet peppers. But with Love & Carrots, you are your own Garden Fairy. The bounty comes from your own hands.
— S. M. (Brookland, DC)
Love & Carrots designed and installed a beautiful 10 bed community garden at one of our residential properties in Southeast D.C. The residents have been raving about the beautiful addition to their community. In addition to installing the gardens, Love and Carrots has been tending the gardens. They changed their schedule so that more members of the community could participate and help and as a result the community is energized and excited about the gardens. We have been very lucky to have Love and Carrots as partners.
— A. K. (Rockville, MD)
I love Love & Carrots. Meredith designed a magical garden in my backyard. This was especially amazing given that I didn’t know a lot about what I wanted, didn’t know a lot, period. She was incredibly easy to work with, incredibly knowledgeable, and full of great ideas. When it came time to install the garden, her team was professional and fun and did a great job. I loved the work so much that I’ve asked Meredith to take a look at the possibilities for my front yard. It’s a great outfit. Beautifully run. I highly recommend them.
— M.C. (Brightwood Park, DC)
We LOVE our new garden and grape trellis! Thanks so much for putting a decisive end to 20 years of “muddling around” and giving us a wonderful place to grow veggies!
— A. F. (Silver Spring, MD)
A huge thanks to the Love & Carrots crew for turning our yard into an edible paradise! As newbies to gardening, it’s been so wonderful to have light-hearted but extremely knowledgeable guides to give us (and our kids) a chance to enjoy the experience of growing our own food. We’ve gotten all the benefits of our own garden but you took away the stress, doubt, and sweat of getting started! Thank you!!!
— A.W. (Brightwood, DC)
Just had my garden design consultation today - it was great, I’m so excited for all the wonderful things I didn’t know I could grow!
— L.S. (H St., DC)
Thanks to Love & Carrots for all the great work they’ve done at the Shaw Clinic of Children’s National Medical Center. The new fall garden looks great, and is a huge benefit to the U Street neighborhood!
— L.E. (Shaw, DC)
Every morning before school my veggie-skeptical five year old sneaks out to the garden to ‘steal’ as many of our sugar snap peas off the vines as he can find before I ‘catch’ him. Tonight he discovered he loves cilantro leaves fresh off the plant. For anyone who’s ever doubted that gardens can teach our kids to know and love where their food comes from, swing by our urban farm in Chevy Chase for living proof! Thanks, Love & Carrots.
— B.J. (Chevy Chase, MD)
If you want a beautiful and unique garden look no further than Love and Carrots. Meredith and her team will create and transform your backyard or deck into a productive and useful space.

Meredith designed a rooftop garden for us with troughs and pots filled with vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers. Love and Carrots transformed a rather uninteresting space into a stunningly beautiful and relaxing area to sit and relax. I only wish I had a larger backyard for Love and Carrots to fill with more fruits and vegetables! They really are the best.
— H.F. (Georgetown, DC)
I love Meredith and Love and Carrots. Staff is attentive and timely. I grew a rich and varied garden with record breaking amounts if vegetables. They amount of service and diverse plantings every two weeks had me excited to grow more and share. I’m so happy.
— K.H. (Bloomingdale, DC)
Lucky me - I was invited to a cocktail party last night at a home roof-top garden, which has been designed by the clearly exceptionally talented team at Love & Carrots. It is a spectacular space - lush and exciting, with so much produce flourishing (strawberries, kale, parsley) and so much still to come as the season progresses. This garden offers incredible attention to flow, proportion and horizontal/vertical orientation of plantings. Flowers are one thing, but produce - showcased to look spectacular - who wouldn’t want this? Love & Carrots is awesome!
— P.S. (Manhattan, NY)