How It Works

Initial & Advisory Consultations

The process starts with a Consultation at the location of the proposed or current garden site.

Initial Consultations are for the growing novice looking to start a brand new garden.  During an Initial Consultation, we measure dimensions, photo-document the area, take a soil sample, and– most importantly– have a conversation with you about your vision and priorities.  The best way to prepare for your Initial Consultation is to think about what you/your family eat on a regular basis; what would you prefer to grow yourself instead of buying from the grocery store?

Initial Consultations are free with a Garden Installation! –we will fully refund the Initial Consultation fee if you decide to move forward with any garden work.  We charge flat rate of $85 for Initial Consultations within DC and $115 for Initial Consultations within the Capital Beltway.  While our range is primarily DC and the surrounding areas, we are open to Initial Consultations outside The Capital Beltway for an additional fee of $1/mile, to and from your site and our Hyattsville, MD facility.

Advisory Consultations are for the DIY-er–an experienced gardener looking for advice to trouble-shoot specific situations or a client looking to consult on a master plan for their large garden or mini-farm.  During an Advisory Consultation, founder Meredith Sheperd, will visit your established garden-scape, discuss your growing history with the garden, it’s strengths and challenges, your observations, your goals, and then work through an in-depth problem solving session with you.  We will make recommendations using specific solutions and methods, demonstrate how-to’s, and follow-up with a Custom Design (if requested), and/or a Proposal and Estimate if you’d like us to move forward with and carry out any garden work that was discussed during the Consultation.

We charge flat rate of $125 for Advisory Consultations within DC and within the Capital Beltway.  While our range is primarily DC and the surrounding areas, we are open to Advisory Consultations outside The Capital Beltway for an additional fee of $1/mile, to and from your site and our Hyattsville, MD facility.


Custom Designs

After your Initial or Advisory Consultation, you have the option to request a Custom Design.  This step involves incorporating the information gathered during the Consultation into a drawn-to-scale graphic in order to enhance your visualization and understanding of the proposal.  This step is optional and Designs are of course, totally flexible!  All of our gardens incorporate herbs, companion plants, nutrient cycling, and secession plans for multiple plantings throughout the season.  If you decide to move forward with any garden work, we will credit 50% of your bill for the Design toward the garden work costs.

Design work is $75 an hour and depending on the complexity of the garden space, usually takes from 2 to 7 hours to complete. 

If you would like to skip the Custom Design work step, then we will proceed by creating and sharing your Proposal and Estimate for you to review.


Installations & Garden Work

We have the expertise to fully design and install your garden-scape and we encourage you to be as involved as you like with the work and process.  We are happy to teach as we go!

Pricing for Garden Work and Installations

Pricing is based on materials and labor. Because every space is unique, prices vary widely depending on the garden size, plants desired, soil amendment requirements, materials needed, and design.  We will always share a line by line Estimate of any garden work Proposals for you to review.  Have a particular price point in mind?  Let us know and we will be happy to work with you to adjust the Estimate accordingly in order to balance budget, vision and what is ecologically achievable given your site’s characteristics and parameters.


Ongoing Garden Services


Garden Care

Busy schedule? Traveling this season? No problem! When you sign up for our garden care programs, we come tend the garden for you (or with you) throughout the Season. Our continued guidance helps you get the most out your garden!  We provide all the necessary materials and can take care of everything from seeds to soil fertility.  We’ll even harvest for you!

Pricing varies based on square footage of garden space, your level of involvement, and distance from our facility in Hyattsville, MD

Garden Coaching

We can arrange for Garden Care visits to be at a time that is convenient for you, working shoulder to shoulder teaching as we go.  Scheduled maintenance visits that incorporate the experiential learning component alongside our Urban Farmers is our Garden Coaching service.  With Garden Coaching, you’ll learn about the intricacies and skills needed to grow and care for your own urban banquet!  For first time gardeners and and novices, this is a great place to start!

Because Coaching visits are at set times, requiring special attention to coordinating and are teaching sessions with our expert Urban Farmers, they are priced at a slightly higher rate than our Garden Care service.

Scheduling Options

Weekly Visits are for garden novices, or those who love the garden, but don’t have the time to devote to its care.  We take care of everything the plants need in order to be healthy: thinning, weeding, extra watering needs, fertilizing, harvesting, pruning, plant replacement, trellis training, pest control, cleaning, and more.

Twice a Month Visits are for people who are already fairly garden-savvy.  We rely on you for day to day garden care and trouble shooting and come twice a month to bring your garden up to speed, amending the soil, planting, harvesting, and monitoring for pest and disease pressure, remediating and problem-solving when necessary.


For details about our Return/Refund Policy, click here.


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